Donor Advised Fund

Charitable Bequest

A Donor Advised Fund enables the donor to deposit a pool of funds to The Foundation of the Diocese of Raleigh and advise on the disbursement of gifts from the fund over an extended period of time. Often a Donor Advised Fund is treated by the donor as a charitable checking account with the only caveat that the donor may only legally advise on the distribution of the gifts to any Diocese of Raleigh ministry.

This mandate is set by US tax law and therefore entitles the donor to a charitable deduction for any deposits made to the fund. The Foundation works in partnership with the donor and under nearly all circumstances will honor the donor’s advice in supporting their choice and restriction of any Diocese of Raleigh ministry.

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4700 Homewood Court,
Suite 320
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609
Phone: 919/568-1065
Fax: 919/568-3241

Donor Benefits

  • Maintain anonymity or publicize the name of fund in Foundation promotional materials.
  • The name of the fund may be shared with the recipient ministry if the donor desires.
  • Knowledge that the fund will be used for the purpose directed by the donor under the management of the Foundation Board of Directors regardless of personnel changes within the ministry.
  • Flexibility for the donor to advise the Foundation in writing anytime with the desire to disburse funds.
  • Additional contributions may be made to the Fund at any time by the donor(s) or by others.
  • Enjoy flexibility in establishing a family charitable fund with a minimum initial donation.