What is The Foundation?

In 2018, Bishop Luis Zarama established The Foundation to manage the temporal works of the Church across the Catholic Community of Eastern North Carolina now and in the future. The Foundation is a way to financially ensure a strong vibrant Diocese today and for generations to come. We gather and grow assets in support of parishes, ministries, and future expansion. The Foundation allows donors to experience the joy of giving today while building a lasting faith-based legacy of stewardship and generosity.
Today, The Foundation services all ministries of The Diocese of Raleigh which is comprised of 54 eastern counties of North Carolina covering 32,000 square miles. The Foundation manages over $80 million in assets representing more than 150 endowments and adheres to socially responsible investment guidelines of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


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Building Endowments and Perpetual Gifts for All Diocese of Raleigh Ministries

Parishes and Schools | Family Life | Food for the Hungry
Shelter for the Homeless | Seminarian Formation | Special Needs Ministries
Respect Life | Youth & Young Adult Ministries


Total Assets Under Management as of 03/31/2024


Total Distributions Granted to 03/31/2024


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