Donor Designated (non-advised) Fund

Charitable Bequest

A Donor Designated (Non-Advised) Fund enables the donor to deposit a pool of funds with The Foundation of the Diocese of Raleigh to benefit a specified number of Diocese of Raleigh ministries. The Fund may be established for a period of years or in perpetuity as long as the Fund is replenished.

Often a Donor Designated (Non-Advised) Fund is treated by the donor as a charitable checking account since the distribution of gifts are restricted to a named Diocese of Raleigh ministry identified at the execution of the Fund. Unlike a Donor Advised Fund, Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) may be used to fund a Donor Designated Fund.

Contact Information


4700 Homewood Court,
Suite 320
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609
Phone: 919/568-1065
Fax: 919/568-3241

Donor Benefits

  • The donor may specifically identify the Fund’s charitable recipients (restricted to Diocese of Raleigh charitable ministries)
  • Maintain anonymity or publicize the name of fund in Foundation promotional materials.
  • The name of the fund may be shared directly with the recipient ministry if the donor desires.
  • Knowledge that the fund will be used for the purpose directed by the donor under the management of the Foundation Board of Directors regardless of personnel changes within the ministry.
  • Flexibility for the donor to advise the Foundation in writing anytime with the desire to disburse funds.
  • Additional contributions may be made to the Fund at any time by the donor(s) or by others.
  • Enjoy flexibility in establishing a family charitable fund with a minimum initial donation.
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) along with gift of cash or appreciated property may be used to fund a Donor Designated Fund.