Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable Bequest

A Charitable Lead Trust is designed to provide income to a charity for a specified number of years as determined at the creation of the trust. Once the term of the trust expires the assets of the trust are returned to the donor or to a designated individual.

The income to the Foundation can be in the form of either an annuity interest (fixed income) or unitrust income (varies with the value of the trust).

Contact Information


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Suite 320
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609
Phone: 919/568-1065
Fax: 919/568-3241

Donor Benefits

  • Ability to support The Foundation for a period of years and later have the corpus returned to them.
  • Can fund the Trust with cash or appreciated property including real estate.
  • Reduce estate taxes- if the trust assets are passed onto heirs, the asset contributed to the trust will be considered part of the donor’s estate, but the donor’s estate may be eligible for an estate tax deduction.
  • Reduce gift taxes – they may be eligible for a gift tax charitable deduction, based on the present value of the interest going to the charity.
  • The name of the fund may be shared directly with the recipient ministry if the donor desires.
  • Knowledge that the fund will be used for the purpose directed by the donor under the management of the Foundation Board of Directors regardless of personnel changes within the ministry.
  • Contributions of appreciated property may be particularly attractive by avoid most or all capital gains on the asset which claiming a charitable deduction on the amount of their Fund deposit.