Charitable Fund Management Fee Schedule

Charitable Bequest

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, Inc. (“The Foundation”) offers a charitable fund fee structure that is both cost-effective and supports our exemplary services to donors and our philanthropic impact in the communities that comprise the Diocese of Raleigh.


The Foundation may receive up to 1% of the average balance of the last three years of endowment fund which serves as the annual operating budget. This is consistent with industry practice and viewed as preferable to using only the most recent annual balance because it reduces the variability of the charges and creates less uncertainty for Foundation planning purposes.

Additionally, we pay prevailing investment fees to the funds that are selected by an investment consultant. Additional information is available by contacting the Executive Director of the Foundation at

Investment strategy:

With respect to our investment philosophy and implementation, our goal is to provide a diversified portfolio designed to provide a steady total return over the fullness of time. Because our endowment is perpetual, meaning our investment time horizon is very long, we need to balance out risks, return opportunities, and fees to help drive a compounded return to benefit the Diocese and its many objectives.

Our investment goal is not to try and match or beat the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average or other equity-focused indices. While we do have a significant portion of our portfolio allocated to U.S. stocks, we invest in other geographies and asset classes to smooth out returns over time. The reason we do that is that our operating budget is economically sensitive; if we invest 100% in stocks and our portfolio value falls in concert with stocks AND the economy weakens, our collections and other revenue sources tend to fall as well. Having a depleted investment portfolio as well as subdued revenue sources can limit the Diocesan outreach at a time when it is most needed.

Additionally, The Foundation adheres to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) principles for investing. The USCCB investment policies cover the following areas: protecting human life; promoting human dignity; reducing arms production; pursuing economic justice; protecting the environment and encouraging corporate responsibility.

While no one ever knows what will happen tomorrow, by investing in a broader set of asset classes and geographies, we look to produce a less volatile total return that navigates both up and down markets. Experiencing large up moves in the portfolio is great, but enduring large drawdowns can be paralyzing.

Our philosophy is in concert with most university and charitable endowments, and if we can provide more specifics or you would like to have a discussion please reach out to

Contact Information


4700 Homewood Court,
Suite 320
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609
Phone: 919/568-1065
Fax: 919/568-3241

Suggested Fund Minimums

Donors are encouraged to use the following recommended minimum fund balance guidelines to establish their choice of charitable fund. There are no mandatory minimum amounts for fund balances.

Endowment Fund

  • An Endowment enables the donor to restrict financial aid to a specific diocesan parish, school, ministry or beneficiary demographic in the name of their family or similar memorial. The Foundation supports these funds through investment management, expertise and governance as well as planned giving and complex gift expertise.
  • Suggested Minimum balance of $50,000

Scholarship Fund

  • A Scholarship Fund enables the donor to restrict financial aid to a specific diocesan-affiliated school or student demographic in the name of their family or similar memorial title. The fund is used for the purpose of disbursing financially-need based scholarships to qualified elementary or secondary school student applicants unless noted differently by the donor.
  • Suggested minimum balance of $25,000
Donor Designated (non-advised) Fund
  • A Donor Designated (Non-Advised) Fund enables the donor to deposit a pool of funds with The Foundation and direct gifts to a specified number of Diocese of Raleigh ministries over a period of time. Unlike a Donor Advised Fund, Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) may be used to fund a Donor Designated Fund.
  • Suggested minimum balance of $2,000

Field of Interest Funds

  • Funds can be established to focus on an area of interest or a broad range of ministry needs of the Diocese of Raleigh. These funds allow The Foundation to make grants in your name to effective ministries that are advancing change in our community.
  • Suggested minimum balance of $10,000

The Foundation will assess administrative, investment and custodial fees against the Fund in accordance with The Foundation’s published fee schedule.